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IMVision srl is a video production company that was founded in 2021 through the merger of two renowned teams: Impatto Visivo and MercuryFilm. The company is based in Italy and specializes in creating high-quality video content for a variety of applications.

IMVision’s primary focus is on event video production, which includes everything from corporate events and product launches to music festivals and concerts. They have a team of experienced videographers and producers who work closely with clients to capture the essence of their event and create a compelling visual narrative.

In addition to event video production, IMVision also offers visual effects services. Their team of skilled animators and special effects artists can create stunning visual effects that bring any video to life. This includes everything from 2D and 3D animation to compositing, color grading, and motion graphics.

IMVision is also involved in feature film production, where they provide a range of services including pre-production, production, and post-production. Their team has worked on several films, including short films and documentaries, and they have a wealth of experience in all aspects of film production.

Lastly, IMVision specializes in Unreal Engine virtual production, a cutting-edge technology that allows filmmakers to create realistic virtual environments and integrate live-action footage seamlessly. IMVision’s team is highly skilled in this area, and they work with clients to create immersive virtual worlds that bring their vision to life.

Overall, IMVision is a highly skilled and versatile video production company that offers a wide range of services to clients in Italy and beyond. With their expertise in event video production, video effects, feature film production, and virtual production, they are well-equipped to handle any project, big or small.