A video mapping projection on a mountain of Al-'Ula, the ancient Arabic oasis city located in Medina province of northwestern Saudi Arabia

The video mapping projection on a 50-meter-tall mountain using 8 laser projectors is a breathtaking display of art and technology. The video, created by a team of skilled artists, is a cel-shaded animation about the Arabian leopard, a majestic feline that inhabits the ancient Arabic oasis of Al-‘Ula.

The video projection is a powerful tool for informing viewers about the importance of the Arabian leopard for the land and the risk of extinction it faces. As the projection begins, viewers are transported to the rugged landscape of Al-‘Ula, where they witness the leopard in its natural habitat. The cel-shaded style of the animation adds to the video’s visual impact, giving it a unique and artistic look. The laser projectors used to display the animation ensure that the projection is bright, clear, and visible from a distance.

The video mapping projection on the mountain is a remarkable feat of technology and artistry, serving as a powerful tool for educating viewers about the importance of protecting the Arabian leopard and the environment in which it lives.