From pre-production to post-production

IMVision srl is a full-service production company that specializes in feature film production, with a strong emphasis on the importance of Visual Effects in creating a captivating and immersive cinematic experience for audiences.

Since many years their experienced team of professionals works throughout the entire filmmaking process, from the initial stages of writing and pre-production to the final stages of editing and post-production, with a particular focus on Visual Effects. From pre-visualization to the final touches in post-production, IMVision srls leverages their extensive knowledge and latest technology to create a seamless blend of live-action footage and stunning digital effects. They understand that visual effects are crucial in bringing a film’s story to life, and they take great care to ensure that every aspect of the process is executed to the highest standard.

Overall, IMVision srls is dedicated to take care of all areas of the production process, with a deep passion for filmmaking and a commitment to excellence, they strive to deliver outstanding results that exceed expectations.